We would like to invite Canadian mosaic artists, living in Canada and abroad, to submit applications to the Canadian Annual Mosaic Exhibition (CAME) 2020 "Roots". Show us what your "Roots" means to you. This juried exhibition will showcase contemporary Canadian mosaic art from across the country together at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton . The exhibition will take place August 5 to September 27, 2020.


Best in Show: work receiving the highest collective grade from the jury.

Best Wall Hanging Mosaic: wall hung work receiving the highest collective grade from the jury.

Best 3D Mosaic: three dimensional work receiving the highest collective grade by the jury.

Innovation: work that best shows experimentation in the art of mosaics.

Juror's Choice (3):  an individual award of merit chosen by each juror.

Viewer's Choice: an award chosen by those people attending the opening reception.





Open to all Canadian mosaic artists, living in Canada or abroad. Volunteers of CAME 2020 are eligible to submit work to the exhibition. Those organizers who helped select the jury are invited to display one piece of art work if they choose to do so but are not eligible to submit work to the exhibition. All artwork is adjudicated  by the jury without them knowing the name of the artist.

The submitted artwork must not have been in a previous CAME show. All artwork must be the artist's original design.  No reproduction of Roman or contemporary mosaics will be accepted. Copied works or studies of other works will not be accepted. Works using copyright images or copyright free images will not be considered. 

Entry Requirements and Payment

Each entry must fall under the category of Wall Hanging Mosaic or 3D Mosaic. Wall Hanging Mosaics are mounted on a vertical wall and 3D Mosaics are free standing, on the floor or a plinth, or hung from the ceiling. There is a weight limit of 40 kg for all mosaics accepted into the exhibition. 

Each artists may submit up to 3 mosaics. The cost of the first submission is $35.00. Any additional submissions are $ 15.00 each. Payment is made by e-transfer through your bank to . Please remember to email Heather the answer to your security question when you e-transfer the submission fee. She cannot accept the e-transfer without this answer.


Image Guidelines

Photos of the artwork are submitted online and the jurors will make their choices based on the photographs of the artwork. Therefore it is very important to have high quality photographs. All submitted images should be formatted as jpeg files. Images should be sized at 2600 ppi on the long size of the image at 300 dpi. Two images per entry will be allowed. One image as the primary image and one close up image. The primary image must include the frame if there is a frame around the mosaic and be a straight on image of the entire mosaic. The second image may be a close-up image or an image from another angle if it is a 3D mosaic. Please do not have the artist's name in the jpeg file name but it is helpful to have the title in the jpeg file name. Each individual image must be less than 10 MB.


Important Dates to Remember


April 3rd, 2020 to May 22nd, 2020: Online submissions  are accepted.

June 1st, 2020: The jury process begins.

July 2nd, 2020: Notifications are emailed to all people whose artworks have been accepted into the show.

July 29th to the 31st, 2020: Artwork must arrive at the given address by shipping company, Canada Post or be dropped off in person.

August 6th, 2020: Opening Reception at Art Gallery of Alberta 7 pm to 11 pm

September 27th, 2020: The final day of the exhibition.

September 31st, 2020: Unsold artworks will be shipped back to the artist.


If you have any questions about the submissions please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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