The Jury

This year's jury includes Sophie Drouin, Igor Marziali and Suzanne Spahi. Each member of this jury is an innovator in their own right and they display incredible technical abilities in their mosaic art. All have made their own mark in the international mosaic world.  For these reasons, we feel incredibly privileged to have them as our jury this year. 

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Sophie Drouin

Internationally recognized, award winning mosaic artist Sophie Drouin is admired for her eclectic vision and artistic experimentation. In early 2018 she was the Invited Artist at SAMA’s Mosaic Arts International exhibition, an honour that included a 25-piece solo show at the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the first North American-based artist to be given this special honour on her own.
She is a co-author (with the late Bill Buckingham) of 'Listening to the Rocks', a book detailing the properties of natural materials including jewels, as well as presenting techniques and design concepts. Ms. Drouin is the English editor of the French publication 'Mosaique Magazine', and has herself written numerous articles about exhibitions and fellow artists.  She has also acted as professional translator for lectures by such artists as Verdiano Marzi.

Her art has been featured in professional exhibits in Italy, France, the United States, and Canada.  She has been commissioned for mosaic installations, has performed as a juror in several important competitions, and has taught technique classes at all of the important mosaic studios in the U.S. and Canada.

Classically trained in Canada, Italy, France and the United States, she is lauded for her innovative work in combining natural stone and marble materials with mosaic glass, in both traditional and modern styles. Her works include wall hangings, sculptures, window hangings in Dalle de Verre, and other uniquely textured and contoured techniques. One of her signature elements is the prolific use of copper in its many shapes and forms. As she is also a professional classical violinist, she incorporates her keen musical understanding and appreciation into many of her works.



Igor Marziali

Born and raised among the artists of central Italy, Igor Marziali has always focused on various artistic techniques.  He graduated at the Art Institute of Perugia in Pictorial Decoration and Artistic Design.  He then trained to become a specialized Master Mosaic artist at Italy’s academy of mosaic, La Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, where in 1996 following his graduation he became an admired professor.  Igor, together with his students and in collaboration with artists, architects and designers of international fame, created major works of art that can be found world-wide such as the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Parliament in Rome, at Venice Central Station, NY WTC Ground Zero, Carnival Cruise Ship, Tokyo Mitsubishi building, etc. He joined the Ciot family in 2012 as the Technical Artistic Director of Ciot Studio, to build and lead the artistic mosaic division for the company.


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Suzanne Spahi

Suzanne Spahi, is Canadian born but of Turkish, Syrian, Tunisian and Egyptian origin. Suzanne has been doing mosaics for over 25 years. Since 2003 Suzanne Spahi ran and directed Mosaikashop : École de mosaïque de Montréal. She is the co-founder with Mosaika. She took care of all aspects of the company, teaching, sales of materials and promotion. She regularly invited mosaic masters from Italy. US and UK to teach various techniques.

She also taught outside her studio, sharing her enthusiasm for mosaics in schools, the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal, and the Montreal Italian Week Fair. Suzanne also travels,  teaching and animating conferences about her personal works all around the world. She has been to diverse cities such as Arizona, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairo, Alexandria, Aix en Provence, Ravenna,  and in unique countries such as Malta and Azerbijian.

Suzanne does private commission works of medium scale and has exhibited extensively her personal works in Italy. Her personal works are owned by private collectors and a museum in Turkey.

 As of April 2018 Mosaikashop has become Mosaikashop Nomad and she will pursue her activities and collaborations, based in Italy.

Since 2017 Suzanne has a studio in Ravenna which she shares with renowned mosaic artist Valeria Ercolani. There she shares and offers her space for exhibitions and invites artists in residence.


You can follow her on Facebook : Suzanne Spahi, Mosaikashop Nomad, Valeria E. Spazio S Mosaici.

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